“Teaching Braille using Taptic-edu was helpful thing in my career.”

Increase teaching efficiency by ten times

Perfectly customized to each learner, Taptic-edu recommends learning materials and helps you teach most effectively.

“One of the best ways to improve teaching and learning Braille.” — The Korean Times

Backed by 2 years of research and development

As a new digitalized Braille teaching & learning device advanced from the existing analogue device, Taptic-edu provides you learning process of reading and writing through Braille block and station using up-to-date technology.

Smart Braille teaching & learning companion

Taptic-edu can enable an instructor to teach Braille to many students simultaneously by connecting with smart devices using IoT technology. Taptic-edu can lead students to prepare and review all alone.

Learning with instructors
By connecting app to Taptic-edu, student can study with instructor.
  Reading Practice
  :A word instructor chooses on app appears on Taptic-edu in Braille. Student can read and learn new vocabulary.
  Writing Practice
  :A word instructor chooses on app is spoken by Taptic-edu.(TTS: Text-to-speech) Write spoken vocabularies using Braille block. Taptic-edu will check the spelling.

Preview/Review Mode
You can practice reading or writing Braille on your own. When you choose the reading or writing mode, vocabularies randomly appear and student can practice reading and writing Braille.

Taptic-edu, better way of teaching and learning Braille


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“I was not able to teach Braille to my son. With Taptic-edu, I can teach Braille.”

JH Kim

“Using traditional Braille tool takes too much time dealing with the tool. Taptic-edu can help me to spent more time with students, not the tool.”

HY Kwon

“Fun and easier. I can practice alone and also with my mom.”

YM Lee

See how Taptic-edu can help you with Braille.

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Phone-support Email, phone, Skype support.

Money-back 30day moneyback guarantee.

Warranty One year warranty.